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EPCA's Annual Meeting theme " The Power of Action " aims to create a dialogue between all stakeholders to explore crucial topics for the petrochemical sector. The program has a diverse range of topics and renowned speakers lined up for each day:




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Set-up day   Tue 08-Oct-24 Wed 09-Oct-24 Thu 10-Oct-24 Time Zone Berlin
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07:00 07:30                                 07:00 07:30
07:30 08:00             Standing Breakfast       Standing Breakfast       Standing Breakfast   07:30 08:00
08:00 08:30             08:00-09:30 Opening & EPCA Session: Leadership / CEO Forum       08:00-09:30 EPCA Session:
 Leadership & Talent
      08:00-09:30 EPCA Session: Logistics & Supply Chain
and Closing
  08:00 08:30
08:30 09:00                           09:30 09:00
09:00 09:30                           09:00 09:30
09:30 10:00             Coffee Break       Coffee Break       Coffee Break   09:30 10:00
10:00 10:30                                 10:00 10:30
10:30 11:00             10:30 - 12:00 GOLD                   10:30 11:00
11:00 11:30             Sponsor Session - CMA       11:00 - 11:45 Silver           11:00 12:00
11:30 12:00             Chemical Market Analytics       North Sea Port           11:30 12:00
12:00 12:30                                 12:00 12:30
12:30 13:00                                 12:30 13:00
13:00 13:30                                 13:00 13:30
13:30 14:00             13:30 - 14:15 Silver                   13:30 14:00
14:00 14:30      15:00-18:00
 Unlocking the
 power of allyship

 supported by
      Argus Media       14:00 - 14:45 Silver           14:00 14:30
14:30 15:00                   ICIS           14:30 15:00
15:00 15:30                               15:00 15:30
15:30 16:00           15:30 - 17:00 GOLD                   15:30 16:00
16:00 16:30           Sponsor Session - S&P                   16:00 16:30
16:30 17:00           Global Commodity Insights               17:00 Official End   16:30 17:00
17:00 17:30                               17:00 17:30
17:30 18:00                               17:30 18:00
18:00 19:00                                 18:00 19:00
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         Official Opening                               
         Walking Dinner                              



Tuesday (8-Oct-24): The focus will be on high-level discussions examining the environmental and social responsibilities of the petrochemical industry, exploring the challenges and opportunities it faces in the current uncertain energy landscape.

Wednesday (9-Oct-24): This day will revolve around talent and leadership topics. Experts will address important aspects of talent acquisition and retention in the petrochemical industry. Discussions will also cover leadership strategies and adapting to the evolving workforce landscape.

Thursday (10-Oct-24): The spotlight will be on the supply chain with a special focus on transport decarbonisation during EPCA's session. The keynote and panel discussion will delve into our industry effort, collaboration and solutions available towards net-zero logistics.

The sessions are taking place at the InterContinental Berlin on the Ground level in Room Potsdam I.



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Access to EPCA activities listed below will be allowed only to people wearing #EPCA58 Delegate badges. Our policy is not to reprint badges or replace lost badges. Further info:  Badge Policy 

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Monday, 7 October 2024
15:00 — 18:00
Workshop: Unlocking the power of allyship

Supported by EPCA's TTLT Committee

Workshop description

The chemical industry in Europe is at a pivotal moment, and unlocking the potential of greater gender balance is crucial for continued growth and innovation. This is why, with the support of the TTLT, Dow is partnering with Catalyst to host a workshop aligned to Catalyst's global research on engaging men and gender partnership including best practices from the immersive MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) program. The workshop is an exceptional opportunity for leaders and professionals to engage in meaningful dialogue and actions to promote gender equity in the workplace. 

More information can be found here.

19:30 — 22:00
Official Opening Walking Dinner

Location: Kulturforum, Gemäldegalerie, Matthäikirchplatz, 10785 Berlin, Germany

❗ NOTE: Only registered attendees who have signed up online for the dinner and are wearing the official #EPCA58 delegate badge will be granted access to this exclusive event. We kindly remind all participants that badge reprints or replacements for lost badges will not be provided as per our badge policy. Further info: Badge Policy 

Tuesday, 8 October 2024
07:00 — 10:00
Standing Breakfast & Coffee Break (Tuesday)

brought to you by Gold Sponsor

08:00 — 09:30
EPCA Session: Navigating Uncertainty: Is the future still bright? (Opening & Leadership Forum)

Welcome by EPCA’s President - Richard Roudeix

Keynote on trends and business implications by Per Klevnäs

Panel Debate (Leadership/CEO Forum)

Session description:

In this session, we will explore some of the most serious risks we may face over the next decade, against a backdrop of enormous geopolitical tensions, rapid technological change, economic uncertainty and a warming planet. All of this has significant implications for us as we seek to overhaul our current system and adds to the complexity and uncertainty of doing business.
This session is designed to stimulate dialogue among thought leaders and provide a broader perspective on our ever-evolving world. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insight and network with your peers. Prepare to broaden your understanding of the complexities shaping our future.


Presentation & Moderator: Per Klevnäs, Partner, Material Economics 


  • Bernard Pinatel, President, Refining & Chemicals, TotalEnergies
  • Christian Kohlpaintner, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Management,  Brenntag
  • René Höhnlein, Managing Director, Head of Energy Germany, ING
Richard Roudeix picture
Richard Roudeix
Per Klevnäs picture
Per Klevnäs
Bernard Pinatel picture
Bernard Pinatel
Dr Christian Kohlpaintner picture
Dr Christian Kohlpaintner
René Höhnlein picture
René Höhnlein
10:30 — 12:00
Gold sponsor CMA session: Navigating Market Turbulence: Impact of Energy and Chemicals Downturn

Session description:

The energy and chemical sectors in Europe are experiencing unprecedented transformation amidst geopolitical shifts, climate imperatives, and technological advancements. This presentation explores how these dynamics are reshaping the energy and chemical market landscapes. Despite the longer-term focus on energy transition and climate mitigation efforts, immediate challenges such as economic volatility, elevated interest rates, and capacity surpluses must be overcome.

This session aims to provide valuable insights into current and anticipated market trends for key sectors including energy, olefins, polyolefins, aromatics, methanol and chlor-alkali, & vinyls. Chemical Market Analytics by OPIS experts will examine critical challenges and expectations for the next five years, stakeholders will gain strategic perspectives essential for navigating the evolving European market and positioning themselves for long-term success amidst ongoing global transformations.

Explore key issues:

  • Energy Market Outlook: Understand potential disruptions and opportunities in the energy landscape impacting chemicals.
  • Olefins & Polyolefins: Analyzing the effects of excess capacity on producers and consumers.
  • Aromatics Market: Gain insights into the recovery path and potential challenges during the energy transition.
  • Methanol Market: Explore the evolving demand landscape and the potential of green methanol and marine fuel.
  • Chlor-alkali & Vinyls: Uncover near and mid-term projections for the industry’s rebound amidst changing trade flows in Asia.


to be announced

brought to you by  CMA

13:30 — 14:15
Silver sponsor session by Argus Media: Navigating uncertainty in a low carbon world

Session description

The chemical industry has withstood a challenging two years. The EU 2030 climate targets are looming on the horizon. How can the European chemical industry achieve these targets at a time when the global economy – and the European chemical industry – is under intense pressure? Global overcapacity, tepid demand growth, and a challenged cost position in Europe, means reaching the targets is uncertain.

Argus will discuss the future of the European – and global - chemical industry and prospects of achieving a low carbon world, including:

  • The prospects of Europe reaching the 2030 climate targets
  • Increased usage of low carbon feedstocks and energy
  • Competing demands for limited “green” materials -- biofuels versus bio feedstocks
  • Long term availability of US ethane
  • Growth of Chinese capacity and over-build on supply-side


  • Christopher Flook, President, Expansion Markets
  • Chuck Venezia, SVP, Chemicals


  • Sarah Rae, VP, Olefins and Derivatives, Europe,
  • Craig Barry, Lead Consultant, Ethylene & Derivatives, Americas
  • tba



brought to you by  ICIS


15:30 — 17:00
Gold sponsor S&P Global session: Europe: Finding its place in global chemical markets

Session description:


brought to you by 

Wednesday, 9 October 2024
07:00 — 10:30
Standing Breakfast & Coffee Break (Wednesday)

brought to you by Gold Sponsor

08:00 — 09:30
EPCA Session: DARE TO JUMP: Emerging trends in sustainable performance in times of disruption

brought to you by EPCA's TTLT Committee

Session description

In this session, Cedric will share his insights into how major organisations worldwide can grow leaders at all levels by doing things differently, showing that performance comes from purpose, passion and presence.

With a compelling mix of spectacular video footage and personal experience as an adventurer and High Performance Psychologist he will demonstrate that skills such as dealing with emotions like fear are very transferable to any kind of environment and most of the time, what lies between us and our dreams is that same fear.


Keynote: Dare to jump: Emerging trends in sustainable performance in times of disruption 

Speaker: Cedric Dumont, Pioneer in Wingsuit flying and BASE-jumping, Performance Psychologist and Author

Cedric Dumont picture
Cedric Dumont
11:00 — 11:45
Silver sponsor North Sea Port - Port of Vlissingen, Terneuzen and Ghent session: Together, smarter: Transforming the petrochemical industry

Session description:
Join North Sea Port, one of Europe’s leading industrial and logistics hubs, on its path to energy transition. In this session, you will learn how the port and its diverse partners are innovating to transform the chemical and petrochemical sectors towards sustainability.

Explore case studies on circular projects, renewable energy, and cutting-edge infrastructure that are paving the way for a greener future in the port’s operations.

Presentation & Moderator

  • Peter Geertse, Commercial Manager at North Sea Port

Panelists & Keynotes:

  • How economic survival or growth can fit into sustainable goals: terminal of the future
          Martine Union, Key Account Manager - Gadot Belgium
  • The Energy Transition: challenges and opportunities and how terminals can play a vital part 
          Jonathan Feys, Chief Commercial Officer - Ghent Transport & Storage 
  • Alternative fuels in transport
          Kristof Demeulemeester, Business Development - Mervielde
  • Sustainable fuel logistics
          Georges Leysen, Commercial Manager – SEA-Tank Terminal

brought to you by  North Sea Port

14:00 — 14:45
Silver sponsor ICIS session: Europe Petrochemicals – Transform to Thrive

Session description:

The session will explore the various challenges facing the global and European industry, and what industry needs to do to transform itself in the short and long term. It will cover:

  • Outlook for energy costs and its impact on European production
  • Chinese oversupply and the changes in global trade flows
  • European capacity consolidation
  • Chemical recycling outlook in Europe
  • Roadblocks that need to be overcome to reach sustainability targets


  • Nigel Davis, Editor, ICIS
  • James Wilson, Senior Analyst, ICIS
  • Egor Dementev, Manager Data Analytics, ICIS


brought to you by  ICIS

Thursday, 10 October 2024
07:00 — 10:00
Standing Breakfast & Coffee Break (Thursday)

brought to you by Gold Sponsor Ovinto 

08:00 — 09:30
EPCA Session: From Player to Leader: Europe in the Global Supply Chain (Logistics & Supply Chain) & Closing

  • 08:00-09:30 Securing the Resilience of Supply Chains (Logistics & Supply Chain)
  • 09:30 Closing by EPCA’s President - Richard Roudeix

Session description:

During this session, a star panel will explore how Europe can remain a leader in the global supply chain, and how it can maintain or even regain competitiveness against petrochemical players in other regions of the world. What changes are needed to help Europe evolve? What is the role of intermodality, collaboration and digitalisation in this change? 

Presentation & Moderator: Valerio Dilda, Senior Partner, McKinsey


  • Roberta Chiesura, Global Procurement Manager, Infineum
  • Virginie Delcroix, Executive Vice President, Sustainable Development, Geodis
  • Joost Naessens, Director Transport & Logistics, Cefic
Richard Roudeix picture
Richard Roudeix
Valerio Dilda picture
Valerio Dilda
Roberta Chiesura picture
Roberta Chiesura
Virginie Delcroix picture
Virginie Delcroix
Joost Naessens picture
Joost Naessens

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